Here is an detailed explanation of clan ranks and the privileges related to the ranks.

  1. President
  2. Vice- President
  3. Mayor
  4. Elder
  5. Member


  1. A President is the clan owner and has all the admin access to the clan.
  2. Another player can be promoted to 'President' when the current "President" leaves to decide to clan.
  3. A president can promote, demote, kick , invite a player, accept clan joining requests and edit clan settings.
  4. There can be only one 'President' within a clan.

Vice President:

  1. A Vice president can invite any player to a clan and can promote any player(below Vice president) within a clan. 
  2. A Vice president can promote, demote or kick any player below his rank.
  3. There can be multiple 'Vice president' within a clan.


  1. There can be multiple Mayor's in a clan.
  2. A President and Vice president can promote a Mayor to Vice president.
  3. A Mayor can promote, demote or kick any player below his rank.
  4. A mayor can accept clan joining requests.


  1. Elder is the fourth highest rank in the clan.
  2. There can be multiple 'Elders' in a clan.
  3. Elder can promote or kick players below his rank.


  1. Any new clan member is by default of 'Member' rank.
  2. This is the lowest clan of the rank.
  3. A member has no clan privileges until he is promoted.